Our original blends contain pure essential and precious quality natural oils from flowers, fruits, herbs and trees. Our essences are of the finest quality and do not contain needless chemicals commonly used in perfumes and other commercially made products. 

Our candles are made with the highest quality food-grade paraffin wax. This is the same wax used to make fine chocolates and coat the surface of fruits and vegetables like apples and cucumbers. A common myth is that certain candle waxes are better then others. All types of candle waxes perform well, and will burn cleanly and safely when they are of high quality. Paraffin wax is non-toxic and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in candles. We use 100% pure cotton (lead-free) wicks to promote the cleanest burn. When burned properly our candles burn exceptionally clean with minimum waste and soot.  In essence, Alchemy candles are the cleanest, safest, healthiest candles available.

All of our candles are made to order and blended in small batches to ensure fresh quality and protect the integrity of each aroma. Each candle is handmade, hand poured and hand wrapped in Oregon.

Our complex aromas are designed to enhance the mind + body and inspire feelings of well-being [pleasure~joy]. 

Alchemy is dedicated to creating premium candles while embracing environmental practices. Our candles are 
packaged using both biodegradable and recycled post-consumer material. All raw materials used in making our candles are made in the United States. Alchemy is 100% wind powered.

Alchemy Candles
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